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Niche Beauty

Anna Paghera

Ultrasonic Diffuser

€ 125,00
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Ultrasounds air purifier and essential oil diffuser.

Producing 2.5 million vibrations per second, the ultrasonic waves transform water into a micronized and ionized mist, reproducing the effect that in nature is found in forests and next to waterfalls. The essential oil added to water is cold-nebulized, therefore maintaining unaltered the active ingredients and olfactory notes, hence having beneficial and aroma-therapeutic effects on ambiences and people’s health.

The ultrasounds diffuser, combining the ionizing effect of water and aroma therapies, purifies and perfumes the air creating a healthy and pleasant environment for 3 or 7 consecutive hours, depending on the chosen diffusion program.

• Simply add 10-15 drops of the essential oil to the water and the fragrance will be immediately released in the air perfuming up to 50s qm areas.
• When out of water the diffuser will automatically stop.

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