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La Ligne – Rose

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Scented candle in hand lacquered glass and notes of mint, rose, musk and sandalwood, limited.

Beauty. The light that you bear, the light that I come from – it nourishes me. It sustains years. It carries wisdom. It shows me a glimpse of what can’t be seen. It burns wildly. Abiding, ablaze. Flashes through your eyes. Brightens the burden of time. Wins the battle. Just close your eyes, look inward, and you can see it for yourself. Follow it, the old path you once led me along, to the sea of lights that you are. I stand in its glow and count your wonders like a child. The fragrance of beauty.

Head: Mint, Tangerine, Raspberry, Rose

Heart: Aquatic, Ozonic, Rose, Floral Transparent

Base: Musk, Rose, Sandalwood, Dry Woods

- Burning time 40h

- Handmade in Germany, Composed in France

- Hand Lacquered Glass

- Custom-Made fine art papers (Fedrigoni and Gmund)

- Scents with Top-, Heart-, and Base Note

- 6 % perfume

- When lighting a candle for the first time, let it burn for at least an hour to liquefy the entire surface of the wax to prevent the formation of a crater.

- Shorten the wick regularly to avoid soot deposits on the glass.

- Center the wick after use so that the candle can burn evenly.


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