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Value set for the start of spring with a value of €240 , exclusive and limited.

This high-quality and elegant box (perfect for reuse) contains 14 must-haves for the season’s start, a €10 Niche Beauty voucher for your next order, as well as a product manual and four exclusive postcards with statement graphics and beauty looks. Whether you are fasting, changing your diet or want to treat yourself to more me-time - it's all been thought of. The box has a value of 240 € and is a limited edition.

The Set contains:
Susanne Kaufmann / Basensalz entsäuernd / Original Travel Size / 60 g
Lancer / The Method: Polish / Travel Size / 14 g
Legology / Circu-Lite Squeeze Theraphy for Legs / Original / 1 Stk.
Christophe Robin / Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt / Original Travel Size / 75 ml
L-Complex / Vitamin C Complex / Travel Size / 14 Stk.
Keeko / Superclean Charcoal Toothpaste / Original / 113 g
Keeko / Morning Mint / Travel Size / 10 ml
Max and me / Purity & Grace / Travel Size / 10 ml
Indie Lee / Coconut Citrus Scrub / Original /227 g
Lanserhof / Die 50 gesündesten 10-Minuten-Rezepte / Original / 1 Stk.
Lanserhof / Bitters Digestif / Travel Size / 20 ml
Malin + Goetz / Detox Face Mask / Travel Size / 5 x 9 ml
Ancient + Braves / True MCT Sachets / Original / 150 ml
After Spa / AfterSpa Massage & Detox Brush / Original / I Stk.
Niche Beauty €10 Voucher

With our RESET BOX you get all must-haves for the perfect start into spring. No matter if you are fasting, change your diet or want to spend some me-time - we have everything you need. Curated Essentials for every day:

The key to beautiful skin: mouth health
• Superclean Charcoal, Black Mint from Keeko: Natural whitening toothpaste with activated carbon, without fluoride.
• Coconut Oil Pulling from Keeko: Oil-Pulling has a detoxifying effect for the body and makes teeth white.

Wash the day off
• Purity & Grace from Max & Me: Cleansing oil for the face, removes Impurities and make-up.

Dry brush to release toxins:
• Detox Massage Brush from Afterspa: Perfect for a daily dry brush massage to support the natural skin detoxification.

Peel it OFF
• The Method: Polish von Lancer: The contained minerals and plant enzymes stimulate the natural cell renewal.

Eat healthy everyday:
• Die 50 gesündesten 10-minuten Rezepte from Lanserhof: Healthy 10-minute recipes from LANS Medicum.
• Bitters Digestif from Lanserhof: A bitter herb extract from 12 different herbs. Affects the digestion positively.

Smell the stress away:
• Pure Rest Wellness Oil from UMA Oils: This oil reduces feelings of stress. To be applied between the toes, on the underside of the feet, on pulse points, temples or behind the ears

Take your Vitamins:
• Vitamin C Complex from L-Complex: Food supplement with vitamin C against stress to strengthen the immune system.

Strenghten Skin, Bones and Body:
• True MCT Sachets from Ancient + Brave: Pure coconut oil to strenghten body and mind, stimulates fat burning and has a satiating effect.

Deep Cleanse Ritual - 1-2 times weekly
For a perfect reset, we recommend a deep cleaning. You can repeat this up to twice a week with the following essentials:

Deacidify and set your energies free:
• Basensalz entsäuernd from Susanne Kaufmann: Deacidifying salt for the bath or as peeling.

Massage your Legs:
• Circu-Lite Squeeze Therapy for Legs from Legology: A massage suction cup for deep drainage, which improves the blood circulation, more skin firmness, tonicity and elasticity.

A Clean peeling, for a clean body:
• Coconut Citrus Scrub from Indie Lee: Cane sugar, coconut and jojoba oil peel the body and provide a silky and smooth skin.

Detox your Face:
• Detox Face Mask from n Malin + Goetz: Moisturizing detox mask which deeply cleanses the skin.

Scrub your hair as well:
• Cleansing Purifying scrub with Sea Salt from Christophe Robin: Moisturizing and smoothing peeling shampoo with sea salt.

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