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Luxurious face roller, handmade in Austria & exclusive.

The Face Roller is a firm component of treatments in the Susanne Kaufmann Spa. The massage effect of the cool stone helps to stimulate the blood circulation and metabolic processes in the skin and promote lymph flow. Swelling in the eye area in particular can be visibly reduced. The stone feels pleasantly cool on the skin. As a result, the pores contract and the skin appears finer after the treatment. The result is firm, rosy, healthy skin.

• Manufactured in the Bregenzerwald.
• Susanne has personally selected all materials and craftsmen.
• The scooter was designed by her brother, the award-winning architect Oscar Leo Kaufmann.
• The black obsidian stone from South Tyrol/ Italy was cut by hand by the local craftsman Bertram Lenz.
• The black stone is known in traditional medicine for its skin-friendly, healing properties. The stone is said to help alleviate muscle inflammation, strengthen connective tissue and help the body absorb vitamin C and D better. In addition to the physical effects, the obsidian also has energetic properties: it supports the flow of life energy and dissolves existing blockages.

• Place the stone roller in the middle of the face and brush/roll horizontally outwards (along the facial meridians).
• For treatment of the area around the eyes, place the roller below the eye next to the bridge of the nose and also roll horizontally towards the temple.
• For a quick swelling of the eye area or for a small "emergency treatment", place the scooter in the refrigerator for a few hours before use.
• We recommend to use the scooter especially for incorporating the ampoules of the Pollution Skin Defence System: Open the appropriate ampoule, spread the contents over the skin and massage in gently. Work the remaining content into the skin with the roller along the meridians in order to stimulate the skin parallel to the absorption of the active substance.
Can also be used with Nährstoffkonzentrat hautglättend, Hyaluronserum feuchtigkeitsspendend, Wirkstoffkonzentrat Couperose or Intensiv Wirkstoffserum Linie A.
• Clean the stone with lukewarm water.

Obsidian stone, walnut wood and black steel.

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