Niche Beauty

Inside the Studio

Julia Fodor


by Kathrin Käsemann


1. In one sentence: who are you and what is your job?

I'm Julia, co-founder and CEO of Babetown, a beauty concept store focused on manicure with locations in Vienna and Berlin.

2. I have a passion for beauty because....

With beauty you can express so much and just be who you want to be. That power gives great self-confidence, I think.

3. What situation in your job has impressed you the most?

Seeing our nail designs all over the world on social media!

4. Your greatest strength is?

Not being afraid of change and taking bold steps.

5. What makes you happy?

At work: having freedom and flexibility. In private: taking walks with my partner and my dog.


Picture6. If you were to give your young self one career tip, it would be...?

Hire a financial advisor and negotiate better contracts!

7. Your personal beauty secret tip is...?

Ice cold water on your face - and if you dare, all over your body and hair.

8. Escape from stress with...?

Sports! Preferably with my trainer Otmane Skillbeast or Reformer Pilates.

9. What are your special places?

100% at home - Vienna!

10. That's where I se myself in 5 years...

In the next professional (crazy) adventure.



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