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Loni Baur


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1. In one sentence: who are you and what is your Job?

My name is Loni Baur and I work as a makeup artist in the international beauty business.

2. You have a passion for beauty because...

I have a passion for beauty because it has infinite facets, is constantly moving and changing and has to do with creativity and self-love.

3. Which situation in your job has impressed you the most?

There are some personalities in the business who can create an almost mystical moment in the set through their appearance and their inner and outer beauty. Each time I miss the language and I admire people with such an aura.

4. Your greatest strength is? 

My creativity (in combination with technical perfection :))) and my humour

5. What makes you happy? 

A day with my family by the sea in sun and wind.



6. If you gave your young self a career tip, what would that be...?

Never stop being hungry - Be friendly, critical of yourself, a little crazy, never think you've arrived and plan your next paid-up photo shoot today to try new things. TRAVEL!

7. Your personal beauty secret tip is...?

Take your time for your beauty ritual. The cleansing and care of the skin is as important as a nutrition with living food.

8. How do you escape the stress with...?

Sports, sleep and controlled breathing

9. What are your favourite places?

Hamburg, Paris, Southern France

10. How do you see yourself in 5 years?           

I represent beauty brands, assist in the product development of various brands and train makeup professionals.



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