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Wedge cushion, supporting and comfortable, 100% cotton cover.

A soft-yet-firm wedge that supports you during sex, and blends into your bedroom. A good friend day and night.

- Pillo is comfy-soft, yet structurally firm, allowing you to take familiar positions and elevate them, or turn your world upside-down. More libido, less lumbago.

- Pillo’s brushed cotton shell and soft foam make it a fantastic pillow-pillow. Lean on it, sit on it, nap on it. It’s not just a lover - it’s a friend.

- With its washable outer cover and inner liner, Pillo cleans up great and blends right into your bedroom. It looks and feels just like a regular pillow - just with a bit of an edge.

- Pillo's covers are machine washable on cool. Hang to dry!

- Polyurethane foam

- 100% cotton outer shell

- Nylon water-resistant inner liner

- Measures 15’’ L x 18’’ W x 7’’ H

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