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NuFACE TRINITY® WRINKLE REDUCER Red & Infrared Light Therapy Attachment

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Light Therapy Device Attachment, Anti-aging

NuFACE Trinity Wrinkle Reducer attachment uses photo light therapy to address full face wrinkles. For use around facial contours including the eye area, mouth, and forehead.

Wrinkle Reducer uses a precise combination of 32 red and 4 infrared lights to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Treat 7 sections of the face for 3 minutes each. For the first 60 days use 5 days per week. After 60 days use 2-3 days per week to maintain results.
• Cleanse treatment area with an oil-free cleanser.
• Select the wrinkle you want to target and place the Wrinkle Reducer attachment directly on skin over the targeted area.
• Hold the Wrinkle Reducer in place until you hear the beep (3 minutes). You can treat up to 7 areas of the face.
• Proceed to your NuFACE microcurrent treatment or resume your normal skin care routine.

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