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Fantasia - The Journal

Fall/Winter 2021/2022

by Anna Leena Manz



Fantasia - Let your Beauty Dreams come true...

We landed a few big fishes this year – Goop, Olivia Palermo
and R+Co are just a few of the new highlights that are now
available at Gwyenth Paltrow has often
been a source of inspiration to us and to have her cutting edge
range of products online and exclusively in Germany is pretty
exciting stuff – we hope you will share our love for these totally
clean and non-toxic beauties. Tja, and who does not adore
Olivia Palermo? We feel fresher just looking at her and obviously
made it a priority to bring her stunning colour line to
Europe. And then there is R+Co, another brand we have
always wanted and stalked. For ‚better than normal shampoo’
addicts like us, a must have on bathroom shelves and just
checked off our shopping list!
And all this would not have been possible without our amazing
Team, that we would like to send a big thank you to with this
end of year (how fast did that go!) edition of the Niche Magazin.
The last months were not always easy and our reason to create
a land of hopes and beauty dreams. We called it „Fantasia“ and
walked down memory lane with pictures of Atreju, Falcor and
the Childlike Empress in Michael Ende’s ,Never Ending story‘
whilst brainstorming and dreaming. The outcome is a magazine
full of beautiful fantasies on how we want to celebrate this season
looking damn fabulous and gorgeous until New Years Eve.
Honestly we think our brands felt the same – the gift and
holiday editions by Gucci Westman or Susanne Kaufmann
are chicer than ever and the newnesses by Dr. Barbara Sturm,
U Beauty and Augustinus Bader absolute beauty perfections.
Holiday shopping at its best.
We hope to make your beauty dreams come true this year and wish you
many fantasies for the last months of 2021.

Your Laetitia and Sarah



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