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Beauty Miles Facts


Spend &save

Beauty Miles for every purchase online. Receive 1 Beauty Mile with every Euro you spend. For every 100 miles you earn, youo'll receive a 5, 10 or 15 Euro voucher depending on your level! According to your Status Miles, you are a Beauty Insider, a Beauty Expert or a Beauty Queen. Your Premium Miles show which vouchers are currently available and until when they are valid.


Beauty level

Insider, Expert, Queen

You can enjoy three beauty levels - Insider, Expert, Queen!

Beauty Insider

You start our Beauty Miles as an Insider. per every 100 Miles you'll get a 5 Euro voucher.

Beauty Expert

Collect 1.500 Beauty Miles within 12 months and we will make you an Expert. The Beauty Expert level entities you to 10 Euro vouchers per every 100 Miles collected.

Beauty Queen

We will crown you Beauty Queen once you have earned 3.000 Miles within 12 months, our premium membership level with even more exklusive benefits.


Get your birthday present

Receive a special treat on your birthday.


Be the first

Get previews on some of our hottest new products


Icon Beauty Insider Beauty Expert Beauty Queen
Voucher per 100 Miles € 5,– € 10,– € 15,–
Be the first to know about the latest Beautyproducts Ja Ja Ja
Your personal Birthday-Voucher 100 Miles
€ 5,–
100 Miles
€ 10,–
100 Miles
€ 15,–

How do I collect Beauty Miles?

Register for our Beauty Miles program here: account. One you’re registered, you can collect miles with every purchase. You get a Beauty Mile for every euro you spend. Purchases made with e-coupons and gift certificates are not included.

Guest orders and paypal express as well as Amazon Pay orders can't collect miles due to technical issues.

What are status miles?

Your status miles tell you in your customer account whether you’re a Beauty Insider, Beauty Expert or Beauty Queen. You have a year to collect your miles and graduate to Beauty Expert or Beauty Queen. You enjoy the status you earn for the following 12 months including exclusive advantages.

NICHE BEAUTY Beauty Miles (hereinafter referred to as “Beauty Miles”) is a customer reward program organised and administrated by NICHE-BEAUTY.COM (“NICHE BEAUTY” or “us”) for the benefit of its customers (“customers” or “members”). Customers may register with the Beauty Miles Program by:

  • Ticking the Beauty Miles Program checkbox when registering as a new customer
  • Ticking the Beauty Miles Program checkbox when logging in as an existing customer
  • In the “Beauty Miles” area of the customer account

When customers register with the Beauty Miles Program, they receive 50 points, which are automatically credited to their customer account.

Upon registration, customers agree to the Terms & Conditions of the Beauty Miles Program. Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully before you register with the program. Please also note our data protection policy for further information on the use of your personal data and deregistration procedures.


As members of the program, customers may collect one (1) Beauty Mile (“point”) upon each purchase of a product (excluding purchase of e-vouchers, gift vouchers, taxes and/or shipping costs) (1 point = 1 Euro). Points for purchases can only be collected once a customer has registered for the program. Points cannot be exchanged against cash and may not be transferred to other customers.

Points can be exchanged for vouchers, provided the customer has collected a minimum of 100 points. Vouchers will automatically be deposited in the customer account and may be added to the order in the shopping cart. Premium vouchers collected in the previous year and not yet redeemed, are automatically deleted from the customer account on the 31st of March.

Following conclusion of the ordering process the collected miles are shown in the customer account under “miles pending”. After 30 days, all miles collected in accordance with the invoiced amount are converted to status miles.

Beauty Miles are calculated and checked in accumulation over a consecutive period of 12 months.


Pending Miles:: All miles which have been collected by completing the ordering process. After 30 days the system checks which miles have definitely been collected according to the invoiced amount and automatically converts them to status miles. If a product is returned or cannot be delivered due to non-availability, the associated collected miles are not converted to status miles and are deleted from the pending miles pool.

Status Miles: Determine the status of the Beauty Miles member. All pending miles are converted to status miles 30 days after an order has been placed and collected in accordance with the invoiced amount.

Premium Miles: Show the available vouchers. Premium miles may be redeemed in the shopping cart by ticking the appropriate box.


Beauty Insider: Members who spend less than € 1,500 over 12 months, counted from the time of registration for the Beauty Miles Program.

Beauty Expert: Members who spend between € 1,500 and € 3,000 over 12 months, counted from the time of registration for the Beauty Miles Program.

Beauty Queen:Members who spend at least € 3,000 over 12 months, counted from the time of registration for the Beauty Miles Program.

When members are promoted to the next level, they keep their status for the next 12 months. If they do not collect at least as many miles as is necessary to achieve/maintain their current level during this period, they are automatically downgraded to the previous level.

The start date is always the customer’s date of registration for the Beauty Miles Program. Members always have exactly 12 months to upgrade to a higher level. Members may view the individual date on which the calculation restarts under “Beauty Miles” in their customer account.The count of status miles starts from zero each year on your individual start date. Status Miles expire 12 months after your individual start date.

Orders placed 30 days (or less) before the expiry of the annual period cannot be taken into account for the Beauty Miles Program due to administration periods. Orders are considered for the program when they leave the NICHE BEAUTY warehouse.


Beauty Insiders receive a voucher for the value of € 5.00 for € 100.00 worth of points.

Beauty Experts receive a voucher for the value of € 10.00 for € 100.00 worth of points.

Beauty Queens receive a voucher for the value of € 15.00 for € 100.00 worth of points.


Niche-Beauty.COM GmbH may, at its discretion, from time to time specify or change the points for other items of goods or end the program in total.

Product premiums may be redeemed while stocks last. If an online order is not completed upon a visit to the shop the premiums are removed from the shopping cart and will no longer be available. Miles pending are only fully credited and converted into status miles once the payment process is completed and payment has been received. Product premiums and vouchers may likewise only be fully redeemed once these processes have been completed. The accounting process takes 30 days. If parts of an order or an entire order are cancelled or returned the miles for this order or the part of the order are accordingly not converted to status or premium miles and deleted from the miles pending.